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I think the Doctor was talking in several terms. 
Scent, Touch, Taste, Sight, Hearing. And how aliens on other planets, and perhaps earth to an extent have predators who still capture prey regardless of their hiding. Comparing our senses to that of a natural predator’s isn’t fair persay.  Plus those animals depicted in the google images were found. 

Listen was worth a shot even if you hate Moffat for whatever reason. Capaldi’s worth that much hopefully. 

Moffat used Earth examples when illustrating “perfect hunting” and “perfect defense”. Cheetahs don’t catch every antelope they chase and you can buy puffer fish to eat in certain countries. It makes no sense to sudden jump to extra-terrestrials when describing “hiding”. They also found this so called perfect hider. I got that far in the episode. Just because it had a blanket over its head doesn’t mean it wasn’t found. Also, something you can’t see when it’s standing right in front of you is a far better hider than something you simply have your back turned to. I don’t know what the creature was this episode and don’t care because I’m not joking when I said I stopped watching. I don’t truck with contrived plots based on contrived facts for the sake of story. 

I gave Into the Dalek a shot. It was shit. My beef isn’t that Moffat can’t write. It’s that he’s choosing to write poorly as if he can’t be bothered. I liked Blink. I liked Silence in the Library. I liked the first two seasons of Sherlock despite him completely butchering Irene Adler. Moffat’s writing has steadily been going downhill ever since midway through series five. He disregards canon for his own purposes. He’s rehashing old plots and themes, some of which aren’t even his. For Christ’s sake, he already made a perfect hider. They were called the Silence.

Capaldi’s just an actor and one I’m not all that familiar with. Maybe I’ll tune in for episodes without Moffat because Robot of Sherwood was pretty good but two shit Moffat episodes in a row on an already deteriorated track record is enough. I. AM. DONE.

Why is Moffat so STUPID?

"No such thing as perfect hiding." BULLSHIT.

Go google “spot the animal” on Google Image search and then get back to me about that little hypothesis. Seriously this is Stephanie Meyer “human beings can’t smell blood” level writing. HONESTLY!

And why is Clara still a dick? I literally stopped watching this episode halfway through. I am DONE.

Good bye Doctor. Hopefully we will meet again one day but I can’t go one like this anymore. 

Describe your favorite Pokémon in the shittiest manner possible










a green humanoid with arm swords

a pastel cat dog rabbit thing with ribbons on it

Real Chicken

weird dog

large pants

lizard teenager

Angry McTwoNecks

a fat doofy dragon with whisker antennas

An aquatic snake with really big eyes

Pink pussy lol

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